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About Bild Innovative Technology LLC

Bild Innovative Technology serves the high-performance electronic imaging industry by providing targeted engineering services over the full product life cycle from concept to production and sustainment.  By drawing on over 30 years of professional experience in the electronic imaging / video technology and product development arena, Bild is uniquely positioned to offer strategic expertise in the areas of image capture, image processing, data transmission, and display for the full spectrum of imaging markets including professional, educational, medical, and government.  Our experience designing and manufacturing electronics for various use conditions from benign indoor to harsh outdoor environments in a variety of technologies, often in compact body-worn / head-mounted form-factors and / or low-power battery operation provides an excellent starting point to address our customers' demanding needs.

The name of the company itself, Bild, expresses our passion for imaging and building exceptional products for our customers. Let us help you build your next imaging solution!

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