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Bild Innovative Technology LLC has industry-leading experience designing and manufacturing drivers for eMagin's complete line of AMOLED microdisplays.  We offer a growing family of standard easy to use products supporting the most popular of these microdisplays. These fully integrated low-power compact OLED drivers are compatible with industry standard video interfaces and formats and feature convenient design elements with end-user needs in mind.  Common features include:


  • light-weight / low-profile design

  • convenient removable mounting tabs

  • center-located image centroid

  • all user connectors located along "top" edge

  • multiple user control interfaces

  • optional power interfaces

  • RoHS / Pb-Free


These robust mature designs can serve as excellent starting points for custom configurations to address specific requirements for any eMagin OLED.  For an overview of our OLED driver designs, please see our portfolio page.


Bild Innovative Technology LLC offers extenders for the most popular of eMagin AMOLEDs.  These function seamlessly with Bild's OLED drivers and feature a variety of extension lengths in either flat flex or round cable construction:


  • light-weight / low-profile design

  • matched to Bild driver mounting h\oles

  • flex maintains mage centroid relative to driver

  • cable offers free routability

  • RoHS / Pb-Free



  • Extender type: Cable

  • Available extension lengths: 4 ~ 72 inches (custom)



  • Extender type: Flex

  • Available extension lengths: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 24

DSVGA Cable Extender


SXGA096 Flex Extender

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