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Leveraging our extensive experience in AR / VR / XR / HMD, medical, and rugged environment imaging markets, Bild Innovative Technology LLC develops industry-leading designs and products containing a wide range of technologies, primarily for near-eye and embedded video and related industries.

Bild is a leading supplier of Microdisplay Drivers for AMOLEDs and AMLCDs for embedded viewer, AR / VR, Simulation HMD, and Medical markets.

Bild has also developed compact digitally controlled precision regulated High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) technology for photocathode drive, electrophoresis, and general purpose use.

In addition to hardware, Bild has also developed ANVIA, a high-performance low-latency real-time Image Processing algorithm for night vision, thermal, and general imaging applications.  This adaptable digital algorithm is targeted to FPGA / SoC implementation for easy integration in video processing streams.

Bild also offers design licensing for proven hardware and embedded code solutions to help streamline our clients' in-house product development strategies.

Please contact us to learn how we can create a custom solution for your next project.

AMOLED Microdisplays

AMOLED Microdisplays

The Bild Innovative Technology LLC engineering team has been designing drivers for AMOLED microdisplays since 2000 as one of the first adopters of eMagin's introductory OLED, the SVGA+ rev 1.  Since then, we have designed drivers for nearly every eMagin OLED produced in both monocular and binocular product configurations with video sources ranging from analog SDV and VESA to digital DVI / HDMI VESA and HD and DisplayPort up to 2Kx2K @ 120Hz..






Integrated AMOLED Microdisplay Drivers

AMLCD Microdisplays

AMLCD Microdisplay

The engineers at Bild Innovative Technology LLC have been designing drivers for AMOLED microdisplays since the advent of VR in the early 1990s. Starting with 96k-pixel EVF panels up to full-color SXGA and the latest 120Hz ghost/flicker-free double-refresh technologies, we have designed numerous drivers for both monocular and binocular body-worn systems always with an emphasis on ruggednes, performance, and low power consumption. 


Binocular 3-panel XGA

Monocular 3-panel 120Hz XGA

Monocular 1-panel SXGA

Integrated AMLCD Microdisplay Drivers

High Voltage Power

High Voltage Power

Bild Innovative Technology LLC has developed a novel compact digitally controlled regulated High Voltage Power Supply architecture for a variety of applications.  This architecture is both highly accurate under a wide range of loads and also easily adapted to a range of input / output voltage ranges as well as multiple and mixed output voltages and polarities.


Contact us to explore a custom high voltage power supply design for your application. 


-200 ~ -2,000V Dual-Output HVPS

ANVIA Night Vision Processing


Experience with traditional image processing tools has indicated a need for a high-performance low-latency intra-frame enhancement technology capable of implementation in a compact low-power FPGA or SoC / ASIC.  Bild Innovative Technology LLC  has developed the ANVIA algorithm to address these needs for real-time video image optimization.

Using local-area-processing (LAP) coupled with a powerful proprietary parametric image enhancement and luminance balancing algorithm to extract maximum dynamic range, ANVIA restores high quality natural appearance to source imagery lacking brightness, contrast, and overall image quality. Operating with low-latency (< 1 frame of video), the ANVIA algorithm is ideal for real-time video applications including head-tracked vision systems.

Initially developed for monochrome Night Vision systems, the ANVIA algorithm can be adapted for color.


Contact us to learn how ANVIA can enhance your real-time imaging system.


ANVIA Sample Imagery (Pre- and Post-Processing)

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